I started my activity of artisan at the end of 2016, proposing my work on various market places for hand made.

Since then, the French site: Alittlemarket (August 2017), and then German Dawanda (August 2018) closed. This latter one decided me to make my own website. And then, to wonder how it should be better, different. Like I personally prefer when I am a customer, and not a seller.

So, I made it with the following advantages.

  • Shipment costs are much lower. Indeed, this website is very cost effective and the absence of any commission paid to a market place is totally used to reduce the shipment costs.
  • A more important choice
  • A fluid, simple, hopefully quick surf, eased by filters.
    •  Filters are made with simple and short lists, so that it’s quick to find
    • They cover what matters for you: color, material, season, price, …
    • It includes a search engine – not good as google, who could, but not that bad
    • The classical sorting by price, newness, ….
  • With time, more and more suggestions to help you choose, wear, use, ….
  • Here, also, no practice that I dislike as a customer / visitor:
    • no popup preventing you to read what you want,
    • no banner to subscribe to newsletter
    • Etc.
  • A website that also suits mobiles and tablets. Indeed, I’d like to make it even better for smartphones, but I still need to learn a lot.

Progressively, according to the time  and resource I have, I will do my best to improve it. Also according to what I learn with you.

Thank you for reading