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The Japanese Zen Aesthetics in Kitchen and Plates

The ability to create beauty with just a few things is fascinating. And it’s the same for the ability to create the good (taste) with few ingredients …. or to generate an irresistible desire to taste, with an elegant minimalism. As a maker of accessories, I think it’s very inspiring.

The Zen aesthetics has 7 guidelines, which I would translate as: simplicity, asymetry, senerity, uncommon, naturality, refinement, and depth. And we can see it also on plates. Indeed, even if the gap decreased, the Japanese cuisine traditionally gives a higher importance to visual. With the quest for a harmony, including colors, volumes, textures, materials, luster … and where the container matters as much as the ingredients or the decorative elements.

The simplicity is also very amazing. Our cuisine is rather about sublimating the product by enriching it (sauce, dressing, stuffing, xo called ‘garniture aromatique’, …..). The Japanese cuisine will rather look after the preparation that will sublimate the natural qualities of the product. With a much higher care and importance given to season and freshness.

It may seem simple, but indeed, it’s very difficult. Even if it’s raw. For example, cut a fish -neatly and without lost flesh- is not easy at all. And till a man masters how the slice cut impacts the texture and taste in mouth … I acknowledge that it’s not easy to figure out, but for having eaten sashimis in Japan made with super fresh fish, I have to say that the different vs what I knew is simply huge.

In addition to aesthetics, there is also often a story, or a seasonal inspiration, like above with autumn, or below with the white chrysanthemum.

Today, in France, the country of gastronomy, there are more and more Japanese chefs. Who make either Japanese cuisine, or a mix, or French cuisine. As there are more and more foreign chefs in Japan.

This post is just an introduction. Other posts will follow, abut aesthetics, cooking, and of course fabrics. Indeed, to stress out these little details which make a great difference.

Finally, a huge bravo to this Japanese website: amakaratecho.jp, aiming at showing the cuisine and chefs in Osaka; their photos are superb, their articles are very interesting and very instructive,

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