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The changing beauty of maple leaves

This new obi enables me to tell you about another Japanese tradition: momijigari (litterally, the chase for maples), when looking after Kōyō (red leaves).ecru / natural obi waist belt / sash, featuring multicolored maple leaves, in cotton and linen

Admire nature is one of the Japanese traditions. Beyond the gardens, cherry blossom is the most famous and celebrated.

The other great moment to enjoy this beauty is autumn, when the maple leaves are progressively changing their colors, and create symphonies of colors mixing green, red, yellow, brown, orange. The one on the photo below, in the wonderful garden of the modern art museum in Adachi, that I recommend you to discover.

Thie period lasts cc. 2 months; it is starting in the north of Japon around mid-September (Hokkaido island), and is finishing in the south (Kyushu island).

This belt is a way to enjoy the beauty of this colorful poetry.

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