Silk Obi Belts – 2019 / 2020 Collection

There are many different types of silk: satin, duchesse, organza, taffeta, … But there 3 essential things to know and keep in mind:

  • Silk is mainly produced from the a worm on mulberry tree (indeed, the larva of a butterfly: bombyx mori). But it can be obtained with other larvas / worms, and then, they are often qualified as wild, since less steady (Tussah, Eri, Muga, …).
  • The different names are mainly related to the way to weave. So that the fabric is more or less thin, glossy, textured, meshed, stiff, etc. Given the natural quality of the thread, the silk can be woven in many, many ways.
  • Don’t be mislead by silk and satin. Silk is a material, and satin is a way to weave, which increases the glossy aspect of the fabric. There are satins made with silk, cotton, poly, etc.
  • My obi collection mainly uses 3 types of silks: satin, doupioni, and matt. Here are the differences:
Black wide Obi / wrap belt / waist belt, handmade with silk satin.

Made with a genuine silk satin. The belt is rather glossy (very tough to make a good photo), rather thick, and with a luxurious smooth touch-feel.

black obi waist belt in matt silk gabardine

Made with a non satin-weaved silk, which can be twill or open weave / canvas. The aspect is slightly lustrous, it is rather think, soft, with a soft touch-feel.

Most often, I use plain weaved, or twill.

Obi waist belt top quality dupioni wild silk fabric

This silk is weaved with an uneven and thicker thread, what gives a wild aspect, with very small slubs. The texture is rather “dry”, crispy; the aspect is shiny, the fabric is stiffer, and the hold (vs drape) is very good.

It also do belts with silk bourrette, taffeta, or Shantung. Shantung silk is very to Dupioni but is made with a thiner and more even thread. The taffeta is an even silk, made with a thin thread that is tightly woven; also rather stiff and crispy. The bourrette is made with a less even and much thicker thread than Dupioni; it has then a certain rustic aspect, very much appreciated as Boho chic. All those qualities are used in Haute Couture (Hermès, Dior, Saint-Laurent, …).

Also, if the fabric is a bit thin, I line the belt with silk inside. Of course, it costs more, but, even if invisible, the end result around the waist is far better. Indeed, if the fabric inside were different from the outside, the fabrics would behave differently, and lead to something a bit messed up when you move.

The current collection also propose you different colors:

This collection will vary according to what I find, since I only want to work with high quality materials, but at a reasonable price … what implies to be patient, to be find the right opportunities.

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