Behind the object of an artisan, there is a person. Who imagines, makes, commits, …
It’s not easy to talk about oneself. Namely by reserve, embarrassement.
Though, let’s try, with few words and images
I come from a little republic of Russian Federation, called Chuvashia. It’s a territory near Volga river, who has its own culture, its own language, its own history.
The Slavonic, Mongol, Finnish, Turkish, Tatar influences are part of this heritage.
I spent my childhood in a small farm. After school, I was helping my parents. I know how to tend a vegetable garden, manage a beehive, milk a cow by hand, make bread or cheese.
It’s where I learnt and started to sew. For family and me.
Handwork is part of my life. From the very begining.
After my studies, I worked in the media industry.
I directed the first regional Chuvash radio station.  Had my talk show on TV, in access prime time.
And then, I met a French man.



And my life completely changed …..
And changed again and again  …


Sewing came back progressively in my life.

Firstly for me.

And then, I started to share my work on social networks.


Like many women, I love clothes and shoes.

My relationship with fabrics is passionate.

I love to touch them, feel them, learn, evaluate, …

My second sewing passion is the how.

It is a matter of skill, technique, but also manual intelligence.

Indeed, I want to be happy of my work.


From my childhood, I kept a very strong link with land.
I love its colors.
Nature is a source of inspiration, breathing, emotions.
Japan became another source of inspiration.
Via their artisans, fabrics, aesthetics, arts.
Find harmony between contraries, a balance with an asymmetry.
Make elegance natural, be nice and pretty without looking after it ( – Iki)
This image is probably what best represents together me, my path, my goal.
Meaning quality, effort, colors, nature, simplicity, cultural mix, …. and even the cold climate of my roots.


As a Patchwork of Images