News for Spring 2021

Beyond the fabrics, which move and go every month, 4 news

For the Headbands:

In addition to scrunchies, you now have the choice between 5 formats of headbands, the 2 new ones being the flat headband and the knot headband

  • Scarf / Band
  • Wired Headband
  • Flat Headband
  • Twist Headband
  • Knot Headband

And akways about 200 options of fabric. So, in total, about 1,000 possibilities

The Arrival of Soft Glasses Case

The classical format, with a clasp

The clasp can be covered with fabric, or faux leather

Lined fabrics, fleece, … comfort, elegance and security for your glasses

15 New Skinny Scarves / Bands

Following my last purchases of fabric

Knowing that all can be done differently (ie knot, twist, wired, …).

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