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New for Spring 2019: The Obi Belts in Linen

Linen was in my mind for a while. I love this material, its raw aspect, this specific drapé, the fresh sensations that it provides. Further, now, with the improvement of retting, washing, and sorting the fibers, the linen fabrics are much softer.

Indeed, also, my belts are most often worn during the summer, a moment when the linen is very appropriate. Kind of obvious.

The resulting issue was to find the right fabric, and the right technique so that the belts does not become a soft of … wrinkled cloth around the waist.

Here is the result. The fabric is 100% linen. The belt is soft, comfy. And this photo was short after having worn it during 3 hours (sitting and standing up, working, eating, …). I chose a nither too light nor too dark color, which could have made the potential wrinkles less visible.

I am very happy of the result. Happy to have found the time, the right material, with the right thickness, a nice dye … and finally the optimal underlining. Underlining is this textile piece that is fused or sewed on the invisible side of the fabric. To reinforce, thicken, create volumes and shapes, ….. this is what is used for the cuffs or collars of shirts. And there are many kinds of underlining.

So, here is my first linen collection. And if you think that additional colors could be of interest, let me know.

Teal blue obi waist belt in linen
navy-dark blue obi wais best in linen

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