Japan is a source of inspiration for me, here are few reasons and illustrations.

Japanese Fabrics

I use them, and talk here about fabrics manufactured in Japan since several brands (Liberty of London, Robert Kaufman, …) are partly produced there. Fact is that Japanese fabrics are of very high quality, at all levels. Globally, it’s delicious for the eyes, but also for skin … and for heart and brain, when you consider the meaning of motives, the illustrations, or the fabrication techniques.

Nice and Efficient

In Japan, arts, aesthetics, craftsmanship, … that’s an indissociable whole. Concretely, it means that artisanal technique and aesthetic search are “intertwined”, combined. It includes aesthetic, design, functionality, efficiency, ….

Focus on the Essential

In simplicity, there is minimalism, but also the willingness to improve / magnify the essential. You get rid of what is superficial, useless, simply embelishing, and you focus your efforts the essential as best as possible.

Harmony between Opposites

This is together simple and complex: a Japanese garden is not natural at all, but seems very natural. You look for harmony without without symetry. It shall be beautiful and efficient. You certainly scratched your brain, but it shall seem spontaneous … you shall be more beautiful without suggesting that you are looking after it …


All this is kind of obvious …. though difficult to obtain. And that’s what is motivating.

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