If you’d like a specific accessory ….

If this is to match a specific outfit, the best option is to email me a photo of the outfit, precising the main material, your expectations, and the timing. Ideal is a photo made without flash, with a small piece of paper – really white (what helps to correct the original photo, to get colors closer to reality).

If you’d like to have an accessory for a specific theme, the principle is the same. You may describe me the theme, or email me the photo that describes it.

After I got it, I will email you my suggestion(s), and a photo with my proposal of fabric(s), like this:

I’ll do my best so that to be as descriptive, objective and relevant as possible.  After, we will discuss.

It will be important to precise all details (like dimensions) so that everything is made according to your expectations.

To contact me: