I have a deep passion for fabrics. And therefore, I am irresistibly attracted by quality. Quality of the material, dyeing, weaving, illustrations, ….  To offer better sensations, better function, durability, ….

What do I mainly use?

  • Fabrics that were produced for great couturiers. Most often from French or Italian manufacture;
  • Japanese fabrics, which quality is top, at all levels;
  • Liberty of London, and their unique hand-feel and softness.

How do I find them?

  • I have the chance to live 5km away from Paris. This gives me the opportunity to easily visit several manufacturers, their representatives or sellers or resellers.
  • Paris has 2 areas dedicated to fabrics: one is rather in the center (Sentier), and the other one is closed to Montmartre (Place Saint Pierre).
  • We have 6 languages at home. What helps me to search, compare prices, and buy via Internet in most of the world.
  • More and more, I directly visit the factories for International Haute Couture brands.

Why are fabrics are of high importance?

  • Any fabric is not for whatever use and function;
  • High quality fabrics are far more durable, more resistant;
  • They keep their shape and color;
  • They also provide much nicer sensations.

Till you take care of them with the appropriate way, of course.