A very good finish is the one which well does its job, but that you don’t see or notice. That ‘s what I call it the invisible labor.

But what means and includes a very good finish?

  • the right seam for the fabric

A seam is a choice. Firstly of machine (mines are Bernina). Then, of needle, thread, speed, etc. A good seam is the right one for the fabric, for optimal durability and aesthetics.

  • Invisible seams

Except if the opposite is wanted, my seams are invisble. It may seam simple: indeed, beyon the additional time, you just sew on the back, and change sides. But it can be complicated, e.g. on narrow and long shapes, like the straps of my belts: to figure it out, imagine that you have to fully turn a very very long glove finger…

  • Lining and interlining

All my fabrics are lined or interlined, or both. Interlining is a specific fabric that is fused (on sewed) on the back of the outer fabric. This aims at reinforcing, improving the drape, modifying the fluidity or the touch-feel, etc. The issue there is to find the right association between fabric and interlining, to reach the expected result; and it’s obvious that a cotton poplin does not react like a silk satin.

Another example: my silk belts have also a haute couture finish: they are lined with silk inside. It adds texture and volume, in a far more subtle and consistent way.

  • Zip ends are hidden

Zip ends are not especially beautiful. That’s why I hide them with fabric on my bags, pouches, …..

  • Braids, hand made piping, ….

They can have different purposes. Be decorative, like a caesura in a verse. Or to create a link between 2 fabrics.

  • Aglets to prevent lacing from fraying


Indeed, I do my best so that your accessory is aesthetic, functional, and durable.