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Haute Couture Japanese Fabrics. What a beauty!

I love the fabrics from Hermès, and from Japan. If most of us figure out the style of high fashion manufacturers, that’s not really the case for fabrics and designers from Japan. This, considering that Kenzo and Issey Miyake are nomore really Japanese. And that Yamamoto or Rei Kawakubo have a very particular style.

Beyond the kimono, which is not in our customs, and which man can like or not, what I invite you to also look at, here, are the fabrics. Namely the quality and quantity of the work that they represent.

Those superb creations are from a Japanese high fashion designer called Jotaro Saito. With a purpose of reinventing and updating the kimono.

What he does for me is also extremely interesting.

The link below leads to my creations using Japanese fabrics (or with a free choice of fabric)

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