Hereunder will you see photos of more than 100 fabrics with prints, that I have now in stock.

For plain fabrics, it’s not really realitic to do the same. There is no good way to show a visual difference between a black cotton and a blackwool. Indeed, the visible differences would more relate to weaving.

The fabrics from Liberty of London are sorted together.

Japanese fabrics are also sorted together, per pattern.

Except few exceptions, I can do almost anything with them, i.e. small bags, pouches, cases, headbands, obi waist belts, ….


Liberty Juno's garden
Liberty Juno's garden
Liberty Betsy Porcelaine
Liberty Capel Mustard
Betsy Terracotta
Liberty Thorpe Ochre & Blue
Liberty Eloise
Liberty Kinetic Rose
Liberty Adelajda Beige
Liberty Kaylie Sunshine
Liberty d'Anjo Yellow
Liberty Delilah
Liberty Sweet Cherries
Liberty Ptolemy Fuchsia
Liberty Ptolemy Blue
Liberty Phoebe Red
Liberty Lagos Laurel
Liberty Sabrina
Liberty Karm
Liberty d'Anjo Red
Liberty Curly Whirly
Liberty Paper Garden Violet
Liberty Edna Blue
Liberty Edna Green


Bandana Red - Japanese Fabric
Paisley Eté Indien
Viscose Patchwork Paysley
Kaufman - Paisley Coral
Bandana Black
Bandana Black
Bandana Paisley Navy


Asanoha Blue Gray
Asanoha bleu gris
Seigaiha Waves Beige Burgundy
Same Komon Indigo
Red Kanoko
Camel & Dots
Asanoha Sashiko Black
Seigaiha Gray Taupe
Grey Wild waves
Yagasuri orange navy
Sea Waves Foam
Dragonflies Green Aqua
Pine Needles Indigo
Small Mustard Triangles
Asanoha Red
Asanoha Sashiko Black
Waves Seigaiha Caramel
Seigaiha Waves Ecru Marine
Seigaiha waves beige navy
Grey aves
Seigaiha Sashiko Red Burgundy
Gold Black Big Waves
Navy Seigaiha Sashiko
Seigaiha Blue off white


Pastel Flowers on Black - crepe
Pastel Flowers on Red - crepe
White Trees on sky Blue
Camelias on navy
Floral Sateen B&W
Japanese Floral Violet
Peonies & Chrysanthemums Blue
Flowers on burgundy red
Floral Patterns
Golden Sakura on black - Quilt Gate
White Sakura on Black
Vie en Rose
Red Yellow Flowers on Black
Ecru Ume on black
Sakura white pink on black
Orange Chrysanthemums
Sakura Pink Red
Sakura Pink - Cotton satin
Dobby - Flowers on Ecru
Maple Autumn Mojimi
Flowers & Volutes
Japanese Pastel Flowers
Gold Flowers on black
Black Chirimen & Pastel Sakura
Satin Nani Iro Mallorca
multi sakura on black
Sakura Blue
Momiji Maple Black
White Orchids on Black
Hydrangeas blue
Sakura sur Marine
Sakura on Navy
Gold Horsetail on black brown
Camelias Ochre Olive
Chrysanthemums on Black


Waves Koi Carps blue ecru
Fans with patterns
Cranes on Pink
Pine & Cranes Black
Tie Dye Grey Blue
Black Waves Koi Carps
Cranes Brown Beige
Navy Patchwork Japanese
Double Gauze - metal white flowers on pink
Double Gauze Bleue
Birds, Flowers & Volutes
Nani Iro Turquoise Philippines
Decorated Kikko Blue
Pink floral wafle
Gold Silver Fans
Lecien Butterflies
Daisies & Sakura
Dobby Multicolored dragonflies Black
Salmon Pink Crepe Fans
japanese patchwork
Red Fishes
Cranes on Blue
Black, Gold & Green Flowers
Japanese Scene
Flowers and Cranes, Bleu Gray
Flowers and Cranes, red
Blue waves & Pink fishes
Black & Gray Waves
Black Waves
Flowers & Cranes on Black
Japanese Ribbons


Floral on Black - Art Gallery
Fleurs d'été
Flower Island - Kaufman
Viscose Leaves Black
Viscose Gray Beige
Viscose Tropical Leaves Red
Cactus Flora Berry
Viscose Leaves Yellow
Viscose Multicolored Leaves
Black Flowers
Iris on Black
Hibiscus Pink


Embroidery like Navy
Red Gingham
Cherries on black
Viscose Coral Spots
Ethnic Blue
Ethnic Blue
Viscose, pastel floral on green
Black & White abstract
Coated Cotton - A Henry
Frise Florale Terracotta
White Dots on Red
Viscose Circles Multicolored
Viscose Navy Motives
Flowers Pink Coral
Feathers Turquoise


Wax Flowers Red Yellow
Wax Flowers Blue Yellow


Solid Black Linen
Natural Linen
Solid Navy Linen
Linen Cotton Taupe
Yellow Mustard Linen
Dark Red Linen
Blue Denim Linen
Burnt Orange Linen
Teal Blue Linen