Would you like to know in which condition is one of my belts after having been worn during a full day in a theme park?

The huge majority (cc ~95%) of the feedbacks I received are rather written “as a buyer”. They are about quality, confirmity to description and expectations, speed, service, packaging, …

So, I very rarely receive feedbacks “as a user”. What I regret because those insights are very interesting and helpful. This kind of feedback rather talks about the experience in the daily life, the way to use or pair with other garments. Eg solid or not, comfortable or not, niced to use with …, etc.

Very rare are also the requests for custom making. Most prefer to buy something already done, or fully visible.

So, here are most of the few feedbacks talking about usage, or personal projects. With a little comment.

If you prefer to read them all



Translation: Beautiful and perfect work, neat packaging and quick shipment. Nice maker. In a word, perfact! I recommend.

Comment: My first feedback, on former French market place for handmade. The one which enabled to start. I thank again the one who dared trust an unknown person without reputation.

1st FULL CUSTOM MAKING: make a sister to a model from Anne Demeulemeester

Comments:  it was do-able without fitting. Made with haute couture silk faille. This kind of request is very very rare, not simple, risky, but very exciting. And when you get such a feedback, on such a project, that’s pure happiness.


Translation: this organizer has a personal history that links me with Polina. It exactly meets my expectations, my needs, and Polina made it with a great care. Work is perfect, nothing to say. Result is neat, packaging careful, and timing met. This woman is a pearl. Thank you Polina for your kindness and professionalism, ….

Commentaire:  Not that simple to me since it’s rather the know-how of leather craft. It requires a steady communication, to get needs precised (eg. number and size of documents), agree on all details. In terms of time spent, it’s not profitable at all. But in terms of emotions, it’s very strong, rich … All the more that the expectations are also higher, more personal. Lovely souvenirs.



Comment:  if my belts are and stay nice anfd flat around the waist, that’s because of the slit and what is in inside. The slit enables that wraps nicely overlap in the back, without any bulk, and helps to maintain the belt closer to the body.

Comment:  in my opinion, this is the greatest interest of craftsmanship: made to measure / custom made.

Comment:  it is a work which is a bit complex, invisible, but essential. I am constrained to use very different fabrics (material, thickness, softness, ….), and for each ot them, I have to find what to put inside (lining / underlining) to reach such a compromise between thickness, softness, rigidity, …

Comment:  This feedback touched me a lot, for many reasons.

Comment:  the construction with a slit demands more time and care. But it makes the wearing far more comfortable.

Comment:  I fully agree. Those obis can also be worn with a shirt and trousers.

Translation: the obi belt is wonderful. Both in terms of design and finish. The kimono fabric is a good design element on a simple dress or blouse, though the back is elegant and enables a combination with many other outfits. The belt perfectly seats ….

Comment:  solid color belts are very nice to cinch the waist, enhance an outfit with a print. And vice versa, a belt with a print adds light, dynamism, elegance to a more classic or temperate outfit.

Commentaire:  It’s here about a belt in linen. It validates the trials I did on underlining.


Comment:  Lasting quality matters a lot to me.

Comment:  I voluntarily show this 4* rating. It’s impossible to find the words to describe the exact level of softness, thickness, lightness, …. it’s together relative and subjective. Therefore, when there is a specific expectation (a deadline, a wool for a very sensitive skin, …), it can only be worth asking before purchase.

Comment:  each fabric is different. The genuine Liberty are thin and fine. The stitching must meet this level and quality.

Comment:  I personally don’t do it, so, it validates that this usage works as well this a genuine Liberty fabric.

Comment:  about the use as a hat band


Translation:  Polina was super to help me in customizing my purchase. She proposed me several different fabrics, and proved very reactive to my requests and other demands. Very happy of the result. Really top!

Comment: I shoot and email my propositions of fabrics. We talk, you decide.

Translation: Polina is very available, and listening to needs and desires. Possibility to custom her creations. The scarf is of very high quality. Did not hesitate to change a fabric so that it keeps me warmer in my region. I highly recommend.

Comment: I proposed to replace the solid colored cotton by a solid colored wool, more appropriate for the climate in Alpes mountains.

Translation: Super product of very good quality, but that’s not all. Yes, Polina does her best and her max for customers. In spite of Parisian snow, she made it so that my order leaves asap, and gets received in due time. What happened to be the case. It was nicely packed (was a gift), ….

Comment: I have on a steep hill in the suburbs. With the snow, our post office was closed. There was a deadline to meet, but a solution: go to Paris downtown, and post there.

Translation:  Very beautiful headband, comfortable and weell cut. Arrived in due-time for a wedding. Polina was ready to personally bring it to my mail box in case of delivery problem. Adorable!

Comment: This happened in a context of strike, I live in the close suburds, and is is always possible to find good reasons to go to Paris downtown.