My obi belts have 3 big benefits:

  • They mark the waist, and therefore add feminity to the figure;
  • They add a touch of elegance, and possibly originality to your outfit.
  • They can make the link between the top and the bottom (ie. skirt or trousers).

Very versatile, they can be worn on a dress, a skirt and top set, on a tunic, and even on a coat.

Very versatile, they can be worn on a dress, skirt + top, on a tunic, a kimono, and even a coat.

Obi worn on a coat or jacket
Ceinture obi portée sur un ensemble jupe + top
Obi belt worn on a dress and creating a visual contrast

The belts with a pattern are ideal to add personality to a somehow neutral outfit.

On the opposite, the plain coloured belts are ideal to bring contrast, add a touch of colour or emotion.

The Japanese fabrics often have a wide colour richness:

This richness offers you much more possibilities than you could imagine. Do not hesitate to question me to get tips and suggestions.

The color associations with an obi belt