Since each person is different …

 Because you may want to offer something unique and/or give your guidance for the making,

Here, almost all items are proposed with different variants. And whether they are or not, you can ask for a change. That’s really me who does; and since my sales are impredictable, I only work on order (no stock). Maximum flexibility.

You can also choose your fabric. Without the plain / solid ones, I have more that 200 different printed fabrics, only high or top quality. And propose different kinds and styles.

If you are looking for suggestions, I do my best to be as objective and relevant as possible. What you will notice by yourself, if you question me.

Finally, even if you may want that it’s all is anonymous, and smoothly happens with just 1 or 2 clicks, a minimum of communication is always useful. Namely if you have a question, a doubt, or simply because urgent for you.