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Black infinity scarf, mixing solid, mottled and a japanese pattern of waves

Black Infinity Scarf, Cotton & Wool, Solid + Japanese Waves

Black infinity scarf in cotton with golden polka dots

Silk Cotton, Black Scarf Golden Dots

Infinity scarf combining a floral cotton in navy, taupe, orange and beige, with a camel cashmere silk

Infinity Scarf, Beige Cashmere & Floral Japanese pattern

Echarpe femme en douce laine noire et crepe de coton chirimen japonais à motif fleuri / floral

Infinity Scarf – Cotton & Wool, Solid & Cherry Blossom


Blue Cotton Infinity Scarf, Solid & Stripes


Blue Scarf, Wool & Cotton, Solid & Checks / Plaid

40,00 35,00
navy infinity scarf with woold and cotton sides, with solid and beige floral pattern

Navy Infinity Scarf – Cotton & Wool, Solid & Floral

Infinity Scarf handmade with 3 wools, 2 solid & 1 Tweed, Camel / beige / ochre / khaki. Soft, warm.

Infinity scarf, 3 Wools solid & Tweed, beige camel


Infinity scarf, Red & Pattern, Wool Cotton

Echarpe double tour gris, réversible, en laine / cachemire pour la chaleur et soie / coton pour le confort

Gray Scarf, silk cotton wool cashmere, Herringbones & Solid

Echarpe double tour noire laine et coton

Black Infinity Scarf, Cotton & Soft Wool

Echarpe Snood Laine coton, uni tartan, noir gris

Gray Infinity Scarf, Wool & Cotton, Solid & Plaid

womens patchwork infinity scarf, in wool and cotton, with different shades of gray

Gray Jersey Infinity Scarf, Wool & Cotton

39,00 33,00
womens infinity scarf, in olive green and gray, soft

Jungle Infinity Scarf, Japanese Cotton

30,00 23,00
black and gray infinity scarf, in cotton and wool

Gray shades Infinity Scarf, Wool & Cotton

Infinity scarf in wool and cotton in beige / camel color

Infinity scarf, Beige Camel & Asanoha, Wool and Cotton;

Infinity scarf mixing a black soft wool with Japanese geometric pattern of stars

Infinity Scarf – Cotton & Wool, Solid & Asanoha Japanese Fabric