Most of my items are customizable within listing.

  • For obi belts, you can choose the width. The adaptation to your specific measurement is free. The dimensions can be adapted to your need, on request.
  • For the bags, you have a choice between 2 or 3 sizes. And between coated or not internal lining.
  • Phone cases are made to measure, depending on phone dimensions;
  • Headbands are also proposed to measure.
  • Bow ties are proposed as “self tie” or “pre-tied”.

You can also freely choose your fabric among 200+ for:

  • scrunchies
  • phone cases
  • headbands
  • bracelets
  • skinny scarves
  • laptop case / sleeve
  • bow ties.

Indeed, almost all fabrics are useable for any accessory. For further than above list.

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To order an item with the fabric of your choice, you simply need to look at dedicated listings:

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Finally, you can also write me, to share a idea, a desire, check a timing or a feasibility (form below). If needed, precising me the fabric which interests you.

Or even ask me for an accessory that I still do not propose in my store.