My name is Polina. I image and make accessories.

The principle is very simple: You choose the accessoire and the fabric, and I do. To measure.

My target is to make top quality items, at lower price than what you would find in bestt department stores or luxury brands. With equal or comparable quality.

With, on one side, a vast collection of more than 200 fabrics.

And on the other, my own know-how

If you’d like to know more about myself

My Fabrics

Plus de 200 tissus donc.

Only high end.

At 90%(?) in 100% natural materials (cotton, linen, wool, silk, …). Rest being a few viscoses, or sometimes including a few elastane / spandex.

Most of my plain fabrics were for Haute Couture. From ateliers, workshops or factories, in France or Italy.

You can see here the printed ones, and solid linens, knowing that it regularly changes.

My Know-How

I make 5 families of Accessories

  • The Belts (obis and classic)
  • the Hair Accessories (headbands)
  • the Scarves
  • the Pouches / Bags / Sleeves …
  • the male accessoiries (bow ties, suspenders, …)

I do not what implies trials, nor upholstery or decoration, since the latter demand other equipments than mine.

Your Options

My items are proposed with different optionss; beyond, everything is potentially adaptable.

  • For the obi belts, you have the choice of the width. The length and size are adapted to your measurements upon request.
  • For the pouches, you have the choice between 2 or 3 sizes
  • The phone cases are made to measure
  • The headbands, flat or twist, are proposed to measure, for same cost
  • The bow ties are proposed as « self tie » ou « pre-tied ».

The Items with free choice of Fabric

Special listings enable you to buy a given item with a free choice of the fabric.

Voluntarily, the obi belts are not part of it, namely because they demand much more length of fabric. Though, if you would like an obi with a fabric with is not yet proposed in store, you may contact me via the form below, the highest chance is that it’s possible.

When clicking on one of the images below, you will be directly re-directed to the listing.

The Headbands

The Bags / Sleeves / Pouches


Totally to Measure

If you’d like something different, or suggestions, I will do my best to be as concrete and objective as possible.

If you’d like to know more about my working method.

Last, even if we all may want that everything goes smoothly with a minimum of words and time spent, communication is essential to understand each other from A to Z. The devil is often in details, but also in what any may imagine behing the words.

My Magazine

The goal, is that any article -beyond news- teaches you something.

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